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Subhashita of the day...13-09-2021_ Knowledge vs Time and Wealth vs Penny.


क्षणशः कणशश्चैव विद्यामर्थं च साधयेत् ।

क्षणे नष्टे कुतो विद्या कणे नष्टे कुतो धनम् ॥

Words meaning:

क्षणशः - for moments only

कणशश्चैव - कणशः= in small parts, च= and, एव- only

विद्यामर्थं - विद्याम्= Knowledge, अर्थम्= Wealth

च - and

साधयेत् - obtain/ gain/ procure or achieve

क्षणे - a moment or twinkling of an eye

नष्टे - loss/ spend/ waste

कुतो- where

विद्या - Knowledge

कणे - in small part/ small particle

नष्टे - Loss

कुतो - where

धनम्- Wealth or money

Meaning of the Subhashita:

Knowledge is gained without wasting a single moment, and money/ wealth should be gained without wasting the single penny.

Where is the knowledge for the one who loses the moment/ wastes the time?, and where is the wealth for the one who considers the single penny as petty?

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