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Sarvanga Abhyanga & Bhashpa Sweda (Full Body Massage & Steam)


Sarvanga Abhyanga is a preventive and curative technique in which medicated oils and ghrits are applied to the entire body as a massage.

Sarvanga abhyanga is a detoxifying and therapeutic cellular therapy that uses warm oils to enter deeply into the cells and eliminate physical, mental, and spiritual pollutants.

The patients are placed lying supine and with their heads out in a closed steam chamber with a retractable cover, which is warmed by steam impregnated with Ayurvedic decoction pouring into the chamber.

Every day, for a few minutes, the technique is performed before a light oil massage of the entire body.

Many musculoskeletal and neuromuscular illnesses defined as Vataja Nanatmaja (caused by Vata alone) diseases in Ayurveda are treated with this approach as a first-line therapy.

Literary Review

Abhyanga -Abhyanga means massage of whole-body including head with oil Importance:

• Trees grow by absorbing water; tree delicate leaves develop in response to water absorption, same as body tissues known as dhatu do. In other words, taila abhyanga causes the body's various tissues to grow and develop.

• Abhyanga should be performed every day before physical activity. It should be done to the head, ears, and feet in particular.

• Oil makes a dry skin and an axis (of a cart) strong and resistant, just as a pitcher. As a result of oil massage, the human body becomes stronger and smoother-skinned, it is less vulnerable to vata-related disorders, and it is more resistant to tiredness and exertion.

• The human body is likened to a tree. Trees can live for a long time if their roots are consistently watered. In the same manner that abhyanga makes a person healthy, abhyanga makes a person healthy.

• Considering the nature of the body, constitution, habituation, season, habitat, and aggravated dosha, the intelligent person should apply therapeutic oil or ghee for oil bath and anointing.

Uses of Abhyang

• It prevents old age, exertion, and vata aggravation, improves vision, body nourishment, long life, good sleep, and nice and strong (healthy) skin.

• People who routinely practice oil massages have less injuries, even if they are subjected to injuries or intense employment. His body is smooth, flabby, muscular, and attractive.

• An oil bath softens the skin, reduces kapha and vata aggravation, and provides sustenance to the tissues, a healthy complexion, and physical strength.

• Abhyanga pacifies vata, kapha, and aliments, relieves fatigue, strengthens the body, calms the body, promotes sleep, and improves the color, complexion, and suppleness of the skin.

Contra indications for Abhyanga

• It should be avoided by suffering from aggravation of kapha, in purifying therapies like emesis, purgation, vamana, virechana etc. and who are suffering from indigestion

• In ama state, patient of nascent fever and indigestion should never be anointed.

Uses of Swedan

1. Helps in losing weight.

2. Effective in stress relief.

3. Provides relief from joint pain.

4. Eases sore muscles.

5. Relieves allergies/asthma.

6. Improves circulation/reduces inflammation.

7. It provides relief from coldness, stiffness, heaviness, and inflammation of the body

Contra indication

Contraindicated in people who regularly consume astringents and alcohol, pregnant women, people with bleeding disorders, people with Pitta predominance, people who have diarrhoea and sicca, people who have diabetes mellitus, inflamed colon, prolapsed rectum, people who are tired, unconscious, obese, people who have thirst, hunger, anger, depression, jaundice, ascites, people who are injured, rheumatoid diseases.



Astanga Hrudaya 2nd Adhyaya

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