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Shloka of the day...02-09-2021- NPO (Nil Per Os) in Surgery by Sushruta.


मूढगर्भोदरार्शोऽश्मरीभगन्दरमुखरोगेष्वभुक्तवतः कर्म कुर्वीत ||Su.Su.5/16

Words meaning:

मूढगर्भोदरार्शोऽश्मरी-Moodhagarbha-Obstucted fetus+Udara-GIT diseases/Ascitis+Arsha-Haemorrhoids+Ashmari-Urolithiasis/ Renal Calculus

भगन्दर-Fistula in ano

मुखरोगेष्वभुक्तवतः -Mukharogeshu- In Oral diseases+Abhuktavataha- Nill orally/not having food

कर्म - Karma-Shastrakarma/Work

कुर्वीत- To do

Shloka meaning:

The surgery should be done nil by mouth in Obstucted fetus, GIT diseases/Ascitis, Haemorrhoids, Urolithiasis/Renal Calculus, Fistula in Ano and Oral diseases.

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