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Shloka of the day... 08-09-2021 Codes of Conduct with Respect to Women in Hospitals by Sushruta.



दत्तंचताभ्योनादेयमन्नादन्यद्भिषग्वरैः|| Su. Su. 10/9

Words Meaning:

स्त्रीभिः- With women

सहास्यां- Saha=Along with + Aasyaam = Sitting

संवासं- Common abode/ Living together

परिहासं- Joking

च- And

वर्जयेत्- leave/ abandon / avoid

दत्तं- Given

च- and

ताभ्यो- by them

नादेयमन्नादन्यद्भिषग्वरैः- Na= not + Aadeyam- taken/ received + Annad= the food + Anyad- others + Bhishak = Doctor + Varaihi= Best/ Great

Meaning of the Shloka:

Best or Great Doctors should avoid sitting, staying and joking/ laughter with the women/ ladies in the hospital and also should not take anything except the food from them.

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