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Shloka of the Day...11-01-2022 _ Chikitsa Sutra on Vranashopha/ Vidradhi/ Vrana by Sushruta.





एतेक्रमाव्रणस्योक्ताःसप्तमंवैकृतापहम्|| Su.Su. 17/17 & 18

Words meaning:

आदौ - At First

विम्लापनं - Softening/ mutilation of the swelling by massage with fingers,

कुर्यात् - Done

द्वितीयम् - second

अवसेचनम् - Bleeding/ Irrigating

तृतीयम् - Third

उपनाहं - poulticing

तु - But/ And

चतुर्थीं - fourth

पाटनक्रियाम् - lancing/ opening or incising an abscess or ulcer

पञ्चमं - fifth

शोधनं - Cleansing

कुर्यात् - Done

षष्ठं - Sixth

रोपणम् - Healing

इष्यते - be wanted

एते - these

क्रमा - order/ method

व्रणस्य - wound's/ Abscess's

उक्ताः - said

सप्तमं - seventh

वैकृतापहम् - removing or preventing change

Shloka meaning:

Surgical of abscess (Shotha) can be managed according to the stages with the following seven procedures as,

  1. mutilation (Vimlapana) of the swelling by massage with fingers,

  2. Avashecana (bleeding or application of leeches or )

  3. Upanaha (poulticing)

  4. Patana (opening or incision)

  5. Shodhana (purification of the internal morbid matter of an incised boil with corrective medicines)

  6. Ropana (healing)

  7. and Vaikritapaha (restoring of the natural colour of the skin to the cicatrix).

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