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Shloka of the Day...21-09-2021_ Taskara vritti (Professional Thieves) bu Sushruta.


आमं विपच्यमानं च सम्यक् पक्वं च यो भिषक् |

जानीयात् स भवेद्वैद्यः शेषास्तस्करवृत्तयः ||Su.Su.17/6

Words meaning:

आमं= inflammatory phase/ unripened

विपच्यमानं= not completely ripened

च = and

सम्यक् = good/ adequate

पक्वं = ripened/ suppuratory phase

च = and

यो = one who

भिषक्= doctor

जानीयात् = known

स = that person

भवेद्वैद्यः - भवेत्= he is the + वैद्यः= doctor

शेषास्तस्करवृत्तयः - शेषाः= others + तस्कर = thief + वृत्तयः = profession

Meaning of the Shloka:

The one who knows the different stages of inflammations like amavastha (inflammatory phase/ unripened) , pachyamanavastha (not completely ripened) and pakvavastha (ripened) is the best doctor and the others who don’t know about this is called as the professional thieves.

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