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Shloka of the day... 26-08-2021_Definition of Shalya & Yantra by Sushruta.

तत्र, मनःशरीराबाधकराणि शल्यानि; तेषामाहरणोपायो यन्त्राणि ||Su.Su.7/4

Word Meaning:

तत्र- there,

मनः-he rational faculty of the mind/Psychological

शरीराबाधकराणि- Shareera+Aabaadha+karani=Body+Pain/trouble+causing

शल्यानि-Foreign body, Violence, Traumatizing, Pain

तेषामाहरणोपायो-Tesham+Aaharana+upaya=of those+removing+/means/Trick/idea/method/process

यन्त्राणि - Instruments

Meaning of the Shloka:

The one which causes the trouble/pain to mind and body can be called as Shalyas, and the means to remove those Shalyas are called as Yantras.

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