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Shloka of the day...27-08-2021_ Definition/Etymology of Shalya by Sushruta.

‘शल’ ‘श्वल’ आशुगमनेधातूः; तयोराद्यस्य शल्यमिति रूपम् ||Su.Su.7/3

Word Meaning:

‘शल’Foreign body/ Spear/ arrow/ Violence

‘श्वल’quick movement

आशुगमने- In the quick movement

धातूः- component part

तयोराद्यस्य- Tayoho+ Aadyasya= Among these + First’s

शल्यमितिरूपम्- Shalyam+iti+ roopam

शल’- Shalya- Foreign body/Violence/Traumatizing/Pain

Meaning of the Shloka:

Shalya is composed of two words used in the meanings like शल’Foreign body/ Spear/ arrow/Violence and ‘श्वल’quick movement, both of these denotes the quick moving and causing violence. among these the First word denotes the Shalya i.e., Foreign body/Violence/Traumatizing/Pain.

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