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Shloka of the day...28-08-2021 Definition of ShalyaShastra

सर्वशरीराबाधकरंशल्यं, तदिहोपदिश्यत इत्यतः शल्यशास्त्रम् ||Su.Su.26/5

Words Meaning:

सर्वशरीराबाधकरं -Shareera+Aabaadha+Karam=Body+Pain/trouble+causing

शल्यं- Foreign body, Violence, Traumatizing, Pain

तदिहोपदिश्यत- Tat+Eha+upadishyata=that+here+ taught

इत्यतः-Eti+Ataha=in this way/so/like this+therefor/so/hence

शल्यशास्त्रम्-Shalya+Shastram=Pain/trouble/foreign body+scientific treatise

Meaning of Shloka:

That which causes the pain to the whole body is called as Shalya, and that science which explains about this Shalya is called as ShalyaShastra.

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