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Shloka of the day... 30-08-2021 Qualities of Student

Updated: Aug 31, 2021



पठन्नेतेनविधिनाशिष्यःशास्त्रान्तमाप्नुयात्|| Su.Su.3/55

Words meaning:

शुचिर्गुरुपरो- Shuchi+Guruparo=clean (purity of Body and Mind)+helping in the work of Teacher

दक्षस्तन्द्रा- Daksha+Tandra=diligent/clever/prompt/wise+laziness/lassitude/drowsiness


विवर्जितः-left/abandoned by

पठन्नेतेनविधिना-Pathan+Yetena+Vidhina=Studied/read+by this+manner/method


शास्त्रान्तमाप्नुयात्-Shastran+Tam+Aapnuyat=scientific knowledge of treatise+ that person+ obtain/gain

Meaning of the shloka:

The disciples/Students will gain the knowledge of the science when they study in the following manner..

1. Should maintain the cleanliness of the mind and body,

2. Will help in the works of the teacher,

3. Being wise/prompt and

4. Should not have the laziness and sleep.

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