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Shubhashita of the day... 03-09-2021_Knowledge, the Most Precious Gem.


ज्ञातिभि र्वण्टयते नैव चोरेणापि न नीयते ।

दाने नैव क्षयं याति विद्यारत्नं महाधनम् ॥

Words meaning:

ज्ञातिभिर्वण्टयते- Gnaatibhihi-among the relatives+vantyate- to divide

नैव-na-Not+Eva-At all=not at all

चोरेणापि-Chorena-From the thief+api=even


नीयते= to carry/take

दाने=by donation

नैव=not at all/ can't


याति- proceed



Meaning of the Shloka:

The knowledge can't be divided among the relatives, it can't be stolen by the thief and it never reduces by the giving to others, hence the Knowledge is considered the great Wealth.

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