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Subhashita of the day... 06-09-2021_ Nothing is Impossible.., if you have these Qualities.


विद्या वितर्को विज्ञानं स्मृतिः तत्परता क्रिया ।

यस्यैते षड्गुणास्तस्य नासाध्यमतिवर्तते ॥

Words meaning:

विद्या- Knowledge

वितर्को- Reasoning

विज्ञानं- Science

स्मृतिः- Memory

तत्परता- Devotion

क्रिया- Performance/ efficiency

यस्यैते- Tasya=his + Yete= these

षड्गुणास्तस्य- Shat= Six + Gunaha= Qualities + Tasya= his

नासाध्यमतिवर्तते- Na= Nothing + Asaadhyam = Impossible + Ativartate = overcome

Shloka Meaning:

Nothing is impossible (to overcome) for the one who as these six qualities-

1- Knowledge

2- Reasoning

3- Science

4- Memory

5- Devotion

6- Performance/ Efficiency

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