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Subhashita of the day... 09-09-2021 _ Glory of Knowledge.


रूपयौवनसंपन्ना विशाल कुलसम्भवाः ।

विद्याहीना न शोभन्ते निर्गन्धा इव किंशुकाः ॥

Words meaning:

रूप- Beauty/ Appearance

यौवन- Youth

संपन्ना- Endowed with

विशालकुल- of noble family

सम्भवाः- Birth/ Occurrence/ Possibility

विद्याहीना- The person not having the knowledge

न- No/ not

शोभन्ते- Glory/ beauty/ splendid/ Shine

निर्गन्धा- Not having smell/ inodorous

इव- Like

किंशुकाः- Palasha=bastard teak, parrot tree

Meaning of the Subhashita:

One endowed with Beauty, Youth and Born in the Nobel family will not enjoy the glory if he is not having the knowledge, just like the parrot tree [Palasha] flower looks beautiful but its devoid of fragrance.

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