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Subhashita of the Day.. 12-9-2021_ Only Three Ways to Gain Knowledge.


गुरुशुश्रूषया विद्या पुष्कलेन धनेन वा |

अथवा विद्यया विद्या चतुर्थो न उपलभ्यते ||

Words Meaning:

गुरु - guru- spiritual teacher/ teacher

शुश्रूषया by the service of

विद्या - knowledge

पुष्कलेन्- more/ abundant/ huge

धनेन - with money

वा- or

अथवा - or

विद्यया- through knowledge

विद्या- knowledge

चतुर्थो - fourth

न - no/ not

उपलभ्यते- available

Meaning of Subhashita:

Knowledge can be achieved only through these three ways, there is no fourth option to gain the knowledge, those are-

  1. By serving Guru, or

  2. By spending more money / wealth), or

  3. Knowledge in exchange of Knowledge (through healthy discussions).

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